The Common Problem

Copper Drip ClipsWe’ve all experienced the dreaded pop… followed by the spraying or gushing of water everywhere. For homeowners, landscapers, and property managers, broken irrigation heads mean wasted water, time and money, along with elevated stress! The problem is hard to identify as most irrigation systems run when homeowners or property managers are asleep or off-premise. Turning the other cheek results in gallons of wasted water and needless expense. Once an emitter pops off, not only does it waste a tremendous amount of water; the other plants on the system will receive less water due to the pressure drop. Replacing the lines or cutting the ends and reinserting the emitters is only a temporary fix. The heads simply won’t stay on. Over time, the integrity of the emitter plastic is comprised due to sun and weather exposure. It’s a vicious cycle of pop, gush, waste…

The DripCrimp™ Solution!

DripCrimp is the first patented commercial grade hand tool and copper ring designed to permanently secure drip irrigation emitters to plastic drip lines. Its copper wrapping locks the emitter into the drip line while shielding it from corrosive elements. This eliminates both the expense of water loss from gushing lines and the aggravation of having to frequently cut, replace, and re-insert emitters.

DripCrimp supports both existing systems with aged lines and new systems. It’s a simple, low-cost, long-term solution to a nagging problem that has cursed homeowners, landscapers, farmers, and property managers for years!

Studies show that two broken drip emitters can waste more than 100 gallons of water per hour. That’s a direct hit to the environment… and your wallet!

Don’t be a drip. Take Charge. Conserve. Save money.

Stop the “pop”… with DripCrimp!

Drip Crimper

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