The Solution


to Broken and Gushing
Drip Line Emitters



A Simple Solution

Save Money. Save Water. Save Time.

Permanently secure your drip irrigation emitters to their plastic drip lines.

Drip Crimper

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Drip Crimp Set

Reviews for DripCrimp™

“I absolutely love the DripCrimp system. It was so easy to install.”

Doug C.


“Love Drip Crimp. Simple solution to a never ending problem. Now I don’t have to worry about fixing the drips ever again. Could not recommend this product more!”

Shaun Alexander


“I’ve been waiting for a product like this to come out! Tired of waking up in the morning to a surprise flood on my patio because one of my drip heads popped off in the middle of the night. Such an easy and cost effective solution.”

Rick Johnson


Install in Minutes

Step 1. Cut off broken tip.

Step 2. Slide on copper ring.

Step 3. Put emitter back on.

Step 4. Slide ring over emitter & crimp.

University Studies Show

Two broken emitters
can waste more than

Irrigated Water

of water per hour